Friday, January 4, 2008

A lot of things all at once

I'm a little bit ADD right now but here's whats on my mind:

-Tonight I feel incredibly blessed. I have a lot of trouble with all this faith stuff most of the time, but tonight I was again reminded of what the life of Jesus was all about. I was reminded that God knows but yet still loves, that the church was made for the broken and that somewhere in all this mess there is a God who saves.

-Please keep my grad school plans in your prayers. I really really am hoping to wind up back in New Orleans but I'm not sure if it will work out or not yet.

-Postsecret recently became wildly popular and I think its because in a way just by reading a secret we feel a bit relieved that someone somewhere has a secret too and the anonymity of it gives it sense of healing for the authors because they can confess without consequence. Some secrets make laugh, others cry, others inspire me to make a change, but either way I think postsecret is a great illustration of why God made the church. When you read a sad secret you can't help but have compassion for the stranger who wrote it, and for me its easier to love and accept the world when I know that everyone has a secret that would make you laugh and one that would make you cry and one that would inspire you to greatness. All that said, here are a few confessions of my own (I'm beyond the need for anonymity, chances are if youre reading this you don't know who I am, have already judged me or you know my heart and love me anyways)

-I have a huge crush on Scott Baio. One time I even said to one of my girlfriends "Charles can be in Charge of me anytime" Thats so pathetic I need a new word for pathetic.
-I'm scared of commitment, but i am even more afriad i'll never find someone to commit to.
-I have this sneaky feeling that my parents don't really like the person I became.
-When I get bored I people watch and make up facts about the people passing by (ex. That guy loves Elton John, that couple had their first kiss on their date to see Prince's movie Purple Rain, ect.)
-I write bible verses on dollar bills in hopes someone will see it and be encouraged.
-I always knew you were gay, I only pretended to be surprised.
-Sometime I feel like a fraud (for a lot of different reasons)
-I hate those damn eHarmony commercials.

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