Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bryson Graduated!

Bryson is a boy that I grew up with. Today he completed his New Orleans Youth Works program and I can honestly say that I couldn't be more proud. Youth Works is a special program for high school students where they work towards a GED as well as learn a trade. Some students got thier CNA license, others learned basic auto mechanic skills, and others (like Bryson) learned about construction. Yesterday he came to see me to ask me some questions about college and the ACT and music. He told me his graduation was today and I knew I couldn't miss it. Here's the thing about Bryson and his brother and sister: they lost both of their parents to AIDS almost 8 years ago, they lived with their grandmother until she passed, and then were bounced around among family members until they finally landed with Charles and Angela- who aren't blood family, but who needs the same DNA when you have that kind of love? Those kids have known more loss than most people will feel in a lifetime. Besides their parents and grandmother they've lost several other close loved ones, as well as been through that terrible storm. And yet they have more joy than most people will ever know, and at Bryson's graduation there were more people there supporting him than any other graduate. I know his mom, Barbara, and grandmother, Bobbie, were rejoicing in Heaven as well. It was a great day!

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Bob Kessler said...

Yay Bryson!! Tell him that I said congratulations for me! -I don't know if he'll remember me at all, but still, I'm thrilled for him and his bro/sis/family!
And I'm glad you could be there to share in the joy as well!