Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving thoughts...

Just got back from my trip home for Thanksgiving. It was a fun trip and I had a lot of time to think (on my drive there and back). So here's what I've been thinking about today:

- For quite some time now I have been praying for clarity and peace about all kinds of things. I've asked for peace about the storm, and clarity about the future- about dating relationships, about friendships, about jobs, about my next step from Abilene. Today while I was driving it occured to me that I'm not sure I have ever prayed for trust. And, when I'm really honest with myself, that's the real problem- when it really counts, I don't trust God. So my new prayer is that I would learn to really trust God, and learn to believe in my spirit (even if this beleif is a daily choice) that God is good.
- I am somewhat unhappy and I'm not sure why. I don't know if it is my constant anxiety about the future after I graduate or winter time or what, but I am struggling with that sadness that makes everything a little dull. I don't like it, but at the moment, I'm a bit unsure on how to fix it.
-I am a blessed girl. I journaled on Monday night some of the things that I was thankful for. The list ended up being a little more private than I was expecting, so I'll spare you the details but I am blessed beyond measure and I'm glad that I had the chance to stop and really think about it, becuase you don't get to do that everyday.
-I had my first LSU tailgating experience and it was amazing. Just needed to share.
- So much of the time when I am making a moral choice or weighing a religious issue I look at everything that could possible give me wisdom on the issue- except the life of Jesus. I often talk to friends about things, look at the epistles, read books from the library, ask professors, download sermons ect. but I often forget to look at the example Jesus set for me, which is what I really ought to be looking at first. The church dows this with a lot of issues- rather than examining the Gospel's for Jesus' take on the matter we look at other churches, how our members think and feel, what Paul says about the matter ect. It's not that those other things aren't good, they are. It's just that if I am (or the church is) going to call myself a follower of Christ I better be taking a serious look at what he had to say about the things that I'm really struggling with.
- Last, I leave you with this Video from Carrollton's youth about what they are thankful for this year. Jenny did a great job with it, and those precious kids are a great example of what David meant when he said " my cup overflows..."

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