Saturday, August 28, 2010

My stomach has that knotty feeling as I've been thinking about the hurricane a lot this week. All week things have seemed a little gloomy, but I suppose that's par for the course. A lot of my friends are going to the Katrina events that are taking place around the city this weekend. I can't go. I think I'm still trying to forget.
One of my sweet friends asked me if I was doing alright, becuase he has witnessed how poorly I handle this time of year. I told him that I was alright. Becuase I am. I am sad. I am amazed. I am grateful. I am heartbroken. I am rescued. I am provided for. I am changed forever. I am the same as always. I am just fine. I am all of those conflicting things at the same time. Sometime there are no words, just tears- but I think that's alright.

Praise God. He loves me even when I'm a living contradiction.

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