Sunday, June 5, 2011

TED talks, poverty, and doing what's right

So.... here's another nerdy confession. I spend an embarrassing amount of time each week watching TED talks. In case you're not as nerdy as I am, TED is a nonprofit dedicated to ideas worth spreading. They started in the 80s with a focus on Technology, Entertainment and Design. Now their scope is incredibly broad and they hold several conferences each year. These conferences are generally based on a theme TEDGlobal, TEDWomen, etc. and consist of today's innovative thinkers sharing their unique ideas. Each speakers talk is recorded and then podcasted on TED's website.

I watch TED talks anytime I have a spare 15 minutes. I often envy the creativity and brilliance of TED presenter. However, what I envy the most is their passion. They genuinely overflow with love and excitement about their field of interest. There are a few TED talks that I find myself watching over and over again. This one from Jessica Jackley is one of them. Jessica is a young woman who has transformed what millions of people around the world think about the poor and has revolutionized the way people give to charity by making micro-finance accessible to the masses through her website Her passion for the poor is infectious. I gaurantee you that the video is worth 17 minutes of your time, and that it will leaving you feeling inspired and empower. The questions is... What will you do?

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