Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did I miss something?

I was reading the local New Orleans paper online like I do most days and I ran across this article. The columnist is one of my favorites. But I am sad by the article. I should probably preface this by saying, my knowledge about politics, caucuses and primaries is limited but it seems evident to me that Louisiana is politically unimportant. In every other state caucus elections, candidates make an appearance, campaign a little bit you know try to get votes... But yesterday Louisiana had its Republican caucus, and Ron Paul was the only candidate to make a visit. Granted, primary elections aren't held until Feb 9, but being so late in the process essentially makes the state unimportant. The Party's whole reason for having setting their caucus date early was to get the attention of the candidates before primary time. I just don't get why when John McCain wants to announce that he's running for president he can do so in front of a heap of ruble in the 9th ward for a nice photo op but then when it comes down to it not actually care enough to campaign. Apparently in Louisiana you need a hurricane to get some attention from the capital... oh wait even that doesn't always get them.

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