Saturday, August 9, 2008

So lots of things happened since I last posted....

- I moved back to Abilene, however my rental house has been a bit of an adventure. I think it will all be settled soon enough but it has been mildly frustrating trying to get necessary repairs made. But on the plus side, I feel more like a grown up than I ever have so I guess thats good.
-The Olympics started last night and I have pretty much been glued to the television. The funny thing is I don't usually get into it this much but it's all so interesting and mindless at the same time. haha.
- I am sad. The thing is I know why, what I don't know is how to make it not sad. Perhaps that's the catch 22- that some things in life are just sad and there isn't really anything you can do to make them less sad. I wish I had something brilliant to say or just something hopeful, but the truth is right now I'm neither brilliant or hopeful. The sad that's with me now is somewhat different from the sad I've had before, it seems to be more persistant.

I am tired and as I said sad so I won't write any more today.

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Katelyn said...

I understand how it feels to be sad, to know why you are sad, and not be able to "fix" it. Sometimes, I know exactly what will get rid of my melancholy and sad spirit, but what hurts more than the sadness is that I can't take the necessary steps to cure it. To me, it feels as if I am waiting for the rain to come but the damn cloud won't produce the raindrops.