Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Camp Stuff

Here are some promised camp stories and pictures:

- We had 20 minutes of yoga everyday at camp. We do this because its good for their bodies, its a great way to handle anger and stress and its just hilarouis. The kids really got into it becausse all the positions have animal names and stuff, they especially love the lotus position (almost like sitting Native American style) becasue they love to out their hands out and hum like they are meditating. One day one of the little boys (Von Tiaj) got into trouble. When I told him what his punishment would be he took it really hard. He started breathing hard and walked off and kicked the wall. I told him that this was not unfair and that he needed to calm down. I left him alone and when I came back to check on him he was sitting on the floor in the lotus position arms out humming! haha It was really funny but also nice to see that he was listening to us and learning to handle his anger in the right way.

-This is Cecilia. She is really something else. Everyone at camp calls me miss Shannon. Cecilia calls me Miss Mommy. She is difficult and frustrating and joyful and sweet. She is by far one of the most complicated children I have ever met and I love her.

- Boys at the zoo. Hilarious.

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