Monday, September 21, 2009

God's possiblities

I really have to do some homework, but first I have got to get this off my chest:
- Mid-City Ministries is Officially a non profit! I spent a large portion of my summer working on the application and they got the letter today from the IRS that we were approved. I wish I could eplain the level of excitement I have. There are so many more doors that are open to us now for funding. People at church have been talking since i was a girl about incorporating and becoming a non profit, and now it's finally happened, and I really just can't tell you how happy that makes my heart. When I got the email from Perry, I litterally started to cry (embarassing I know). However, I needed to feel that today. As usual, lately I've been filled with self-doubt, about what I am going to do when I'm done here in May. While I understand that I miss home, sometimes I forget how much I love it there, and that I have a purpose there. So I am thanking God for that today. The picture on this post is from our camp this summer and it perhaps the essence of what Mid-City Ministries will hope to accomplish. Those boys look different, they come from different neighborhoods,and thier families look nothing alike- and yet they are brothers, and they have an undying love for each other (even if that means they sometimes wrestle...)
-This summer I studied the story of Moses for camp. This year's Summit (aka the conference formerly known as Lectureship) is also using that text as it's theme. Tonight I am in the library working on a paper and listening to Mike Cope's sermon (love technology) and he was talking about the story of Moses being drawn out of the water. This summer I was constantly reminded of how we are a rescued people. Every kid at camp served to illustrate that fact, that we are Pharoh's daughter sent to resuce Moses out of the water. Often what I fail to see is that I am also resuced. More than that, I have been rescued so I can journey.
-Lately I have had the blues in a big bad way. The thing is, nothing is particularly wrong, but for whatever reason I just have a case of melancholy that I just can't seem to shake. Thankfully, I am reminded of Ezekial, and the fact that glorifying God is not contingent on my happiness. But I am praying that sometime in the very near future I can cheer up a bit. :-)
- For a while it seemed that my life group might be a complete bust. I lost my co-leader, no one seemed to want to come.... and I was almost certain that it just wasn't going to happen. Much to my surprise God raised up a group of women all seeking God, and I have been amazed at how God is moving among the group. I was just certain that it wouldn't work out, but last night I had perhaps the most honest small group bible study of my life. I really can't wiat to see what will happen next.

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Kelly C. said...

Hey Shannon, I read this. It made me tear up. I just wrote a journal for WGS about the impact radio music has on our kid city/hollygrove kids. I feel like they're probably quite unaware just how much we think about them when we aren't around.