Sunday, February 3, 2008

Learning to speak Texan

I decided last semester that this year would be my "Texas" year. What I mean is that even though I often feel trapped in this "great state" this could be the last year that I live here so I might as well get the whole expererience. So far I've been to a rodeo, visited the capital, saw the fort worth stockyard show, line danced, gone mudding, eaten brisket at Rudy's, saw where JFK was shot, walked along the beach in Lake Jackson, bought a rose in Tyler, and drank a Dr. Pepper in Dublin. Last night I finally attended my first official "shindig" in Clyde at the famous Pizza House. It was great definitely great pizza and the live band where every memeber was over the age of 65 was endlessly entertaining. If you have any suggestions for must do texas experiences, please please let me know. Next up? Rattlesnake roundup in March? We'll see...

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