Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ultimate Gift

This Christmas I got quite a few really awesome gifts. Deinitely more than I deserve. After opening a blue ray player and a gps navigation system I wasn't expecting there to be any other "really good" gifts under the tree. After all the presents were opened my grandmother said she had just one more thing for me and my older brother. She gave us both a cookbook of family recipes. The book is written her handwriting and includes recipes that are a huge part of our family's traditions and memories. My grandmother included the story of each recipe, where it came from, when our family makes it, whose favorite dish it is. etc. My grandmother is turning 80 this summer. There's no telling how many hours she spent tracking down and writing those recipes for us. It is by far the most thoughtful gift I received and reminded me to let go of the materialism that so often grabs hold of me this time of year. I hope you had a very merry Christmas


Katelyn said...

What a thoughtful gift. My mom has just started undertaking that same idea and when I told her I wanted it in her handwriting, she was so excited. There is nothing like having it in loved ones handwriting. I know you'll treasure that gift for years to come.

Robyn said...

SHANNON! what an awesome gift! when i come visit i want to see it! i miss you and your cooking! love ya!