Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nothing left to say

Do you ever have those moments when there's nothing left to say? Ussually they come when you've said all the wrong things and apologized in all they ways you can think of, or when you have a million things to say but you know none of them can change anything. I hate those moments. Tonight I had a fight with my mother, over nothing really at all. I made her feel bad and that wasn't my intention. But some things just came out, and the worst part about it was, everything I said was true, so it stung a little more. In the end there was nothing left to say. No other apology could be given and there was nothing at all to fight about, like I said everything was true, there was no dispute. But I knew I hurt her. God bless her for still being my mother when I act like that.

I recently saw this video and was touched by it. I found it to be a reminder of God's grace, peace, mercy and love in our lives. I have since been thinking about what mine would say. It would be something like:

Brokenhearted and Wandering

Hopeful and Seeking

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