Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's your giant?

This week has been crazy with the start of camp, but it has truly been a blassing to be around such amazing children all week. They have so much joy, and while things are always crazy and sometimes they misbehave and I get impatient, at the end of the day, I can't think of anything else I would rather do with my time. They challenge me to think about things that I would have never thought about and to see the way that God work in our lives in small ways amount to big things.
The theme of camp this year is David and Goliath. Today we talked about giants. We all have them, we all face them but so much of the time it seems like we don't recognize the battle or we can't see how God has prepared us. We asked the kids to brainstorm what their giants were, and we tried to talk about ways to make those giants seem a little smaller. We also discussed the same thing at church tonight and several of the kids were there. One boy, Tyren, who isn't particularly bright or focused, blew me away with his wisdom.
" I have a giant."
" You do? What is it?"
" I'm scared of guns because and they're all around me and I know someday I'll have to get one too. But I don't want one."
"If you don't want one, why do you have to have one"
"I don't want to die. But I die if I have it and I die if I don't."

Tyren is nine. We went on to talk about what to do when guns are around and making friends with guns ect. I told him that sometimes he would be confused but he would always have to work hard at choosing the right thing. He said he knew how to choose the right thing. When I pressed him about how he knew he simply said "It's always the harder one."
Isn't it though...

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Katelyn said...

I love how God can use children in ways we never thought previously. Sometimes, when we least expect it, they say something so profound and true it makes our heart ache ... either with joy or sorrow. Thank you for sharing that.